Follow in the footsteps of Paul and Silas and have your feet locked up in stocks!  Oh My!  Not to worry though.  This highly interactive feature is based upon the proven escape game model that has swept the world over.  A lot of people know the biblical story, but will you and your team learn the secrets to escape before time runs out?  Hidden within the cell are the clues necessary to escape.  You'll have to use all your creative thinking skills and play as a team to win! 

Reference: Acts 16

If you could step back into any Bible story, which would it be?  At Trek Thru Truth, we don’t think you should have to choose just one!  Our 52+ interactive hands-on exhibits, lets you dig deeper into multiple stories of the Bible.  And you won’t just SEE the stories come to life, you’ll feel, taste, hear and smell the Bible.  Visitors can choose whether they would like to see the Red Sea parted, feel artifacts from actual archaeological digs in Israel, taste the manna, there the thousands of frogs that plagued the Egyptians and smell the inside of a fish with Jonah…or do it all!  The following descriptions and images give you a glimpse into only five of these Bible story exhibits, the likes of which you can’t find anywhere else in the nation.  Come join us on our Trek Thru Truth!

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